Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Holiday photos

My last holiday , i went to Java island and Bali ..
and there are my collection photos ...
check it out : Lawang Sewu , Semarang, Center of Java

Klenteng Sam poo Kong , Semarang , Center of Java

Joger , Bali
Try to kepang my hair in Kuta beach , Bali

Tanah Lot , Bali

well , there are my collection photos ..
thats a very nice and tiring trip :D

Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Wishlist in 2010 :)

welcome 2010 ,
and i have many wish ,
i am going to tell you the things i want.
even if people have things,

but they want MORE right?

yes , of course :D

okay , so here my wish list :

i wish to ...

  1. have new DVD ,there are lots of DVDs that i want.
  2. have LOMO , yeay , i dont know why i want it but i think its kinda fun to take picture with a LOMO ..
  3. Trip to Korea this year , maybe Japan , its okay !
  4. have a new laptop , wahaha i need it :)
  5. remember what is my last wish , hhhe
okay , byee